When seeking information for how to build a shed you need to ensure that you have certain questions answered before you take any practical steps. Listed below are six questions that you should answer as precisely as possible as these will then form the basis for exactly what shed you should be building. The first question revolves around deciding the intended use for this garden shed. Will its use be just for storing garden equipment or it could also serve as a store for household items that have been put somewhere to get them out of the house? If you have a family you need to think about whether it will be used for them to store their garden toys and bikes or even used as a den with their friends? Now you need to turn your attention to its size and bearing in mind all its intended uses, then you will be able to determine the most ideal size requirement yet don't forget about needing more space in the future. You then have to think about what will be the most ideal position for it to be located. Where will the optimum place be for it to be located in terms of being easily accessible for its intended use? Don't forget to also take into consideration whether you wish it to be tucked away from general view to reduce its visual impact or will you be happy for it to be in full view of the garden? Once this has been determined, ask yourself whether such a location and the available space around it are actually compatible with your shed and its intended use? It is no point making sure that the garden shed is out of view from the rear of the house yet the location chosen is entirely impractical for access and moving garden equipment. A further question is whether it should be sited in a sheltered position of the garden if the general area is exposed to strong winds and driving rain. Once you have established the location, then you can make decisions on whether the design will create a partially open area, whether it is in direct sunlight and the degree of waterproofing required. The last factor to consider is whether any local planning laws require to be addressed in building a garden shed. It is normally the case that below a certain size and height you will not need any permission but it will always pay to check first. Whilst you may be keen to get going and learn how to build a shed, there are various questions that require answering and consideration to take into account before you embark on creating the exact shed that you want and will look great in your garden.